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THE BROTHERS GRIM... the form of Colin and Daniel Warhurst, are the team behind Grey Tiger Media. Together, they have over 15 collective years of experience in the fields of professional Film-Making, Broadcast and Photography. They aren't quite sure what this means, but they assume it implies that they know their stuff, seeing as how you always hear about the combined age of The Rolling Stones being way over 275 years, and they're not bad as Rock 'n Roll bands go...

The point is, Col and Dan have being doing what they do for a long time, and doing it well, both on personal projects and for many happy paying clients that include Bands, Solo Artists, Schools, Venues, Promoters and Charities. This page has some feedback on what our clients think. What follows below is a little bit more info about Colin and Dan, who have obviously written this themselves, and so are in the odd position of talking about themselves in the third person.


Colin Warhurst has worked in the BBC since 2006 in both Production and in Technology, including a three year stint as a Camera Technician and Coach. Outside of the day job, he makes his own films. If any time is left, he also shoots, edits or color grades films made by other film-making folks whose work he likes and admires. It means he's really rather good with a camera, having spent half of his adult life behind one. The other half has been spent editing the stuff that he has shot; so that means he also has Jedi-like skills and knowledge in all of that post production and editing stuff...


Daniel Warhurst also served a brief stint at the BBC, being trained by them in Production, Editorial Standards, self-shooting and editing. Dan's special powers come in the form of Photography, with a specialism in landscape and architecture-by-night (or URBEX to you and me). Also having racked up 1000's of images of Manchester music acts over the years, Dan's "analogue feel in a digital age" provides a refreshing take on familiar scenarios and landscapes, and his dedication to get 'the shot' has literally left him in covered in blood, sweat and tears at times.